On Psychotherapy: Treating a Borderline Personality Disorder Patient

In my years of experience, I have encountered and heard of many cases of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), ranging from the mild to extreme. It’s also pretty popular, not to mention misrepresented, in movies such as The Roommate and Gia. The first one mentioned perpetuates the stigma that BPD and schizophrenia are psychotic conditions that should be feared. Which, if you’re truly familiar with the cases, is quite contrary to reality.

A Few Tips for People Who are Not Into Meditation

When it comes to the advantages of meditation, the list actually seems endless. It helps in relaxing the mind and makes one feel fresher and better. However, despite these benefits, a lot of people are still not meditating. There are lots of excuses why they don’t meditate at all. If you are one of these people, here are some counterarguments that refute the reasons why you don’t meditate:

1. You feel like you are so busy. You might think of meditation as a process where you just sit down and do nothing over a long period of time. Therefore, you have this idea that it is nothing but a waste of time.

Helping Kids Recover from Loss

There is always a deep feeling of loss with the death of a loved one. For a lot of people, moving on is a matter of keeping busy with things of consequence, or with everyday work. For others, they just cannot shake if off or they are in shock and could not more on. This is particularly true for children.

Most children do not understand death, and for some this is a concept which they just gloss over. For others, the loss of a parent, especially in a single parent household is tough. The children just know that their parents were there one day and then gone the next. Not being able to grasp the situation is the least of their worries. There is the immediate resettlement with a relative, and the needed care in order for them to get back to a sense of normality.

This may seem to be harsh, but it is also the same for adults. The stress brought on by the death of a loved one could be more than what the remaining spouse can handle. Studies have shown that happily married couples have a bigger chance of dying within a year of one another. The stress of death is too much and it can cause heart failure or a heart attack. If an adult cannot pick himself up, then it is absurd to expect that kids could be able to understand and deal with the loss as if it was a pet fish that died.

For some, there are alternative ways to cope. Travelling around the country or even to other countries can be an educational escape from a loss. It drives the mind to see and experience new things. It literally buries the emotion and the pain under happier memories.

A sense of detachment can also set in, which may allow the person, child or adult, to gather himself and move forward. Denial is the first stage of grief, it may take a while for death to sink in. Seeing new sights, touring another country, seeing old ruins like Macchu Picchu, in Peru, for instance, or some other country as part of South America tours, can be calming, and may lead to a reconciliation with the facts of death.

Body Enhancements Make You Feel Special

There is always something out there that needs to be fixed. At least that is today’s prevailing mentality. In the opinion of today’s generation, almost everything from politics, religion, to beauty and body awareness, all need to be fixed. The truth is that change is hard to do, and a body at rest is happy to be at rest.

There really is no stopping some people. When they want to be happy, it’s good that they try to be happy. What’s bad is that they think that pursuing something will lead to happiness. An entrepreneurial quality is something to be lauded. However, when the entrepreneurial spirit is left behind by capitalist greed, without a business even taking off, that business will easily crash to the ground. Much like everything else, if greed comes into the picture, there is no attention paid to the purpose of the business, rather the pursuit of profit takes the reins and nobody really knows where that would end up.

A lot of people have problems because they could not reconcile themselves with their world. They believe that they have to conform to the real world, even without an idea of what the real world is. Women take all kinds of supplements, exercises, tanning lotions, body enhancements, and the like. After all of that, they still want more, either because they were not happy with what they had, or they got addicted to the pursuit of getting more.

Breast augmentation in San Diego feeds the need for better looking beach bodies in California. Cosmetic physicians have it relatively easy. They study well, they look at beauty, and at some point they can only see where the improvements can be put in. It’s a shame to have a beautiful body, and yet not be contented with a breast augmentation. This reminds me of Dolly Parton who during the late 1980s and early 1990s had big problems with her weight. Or rather, with her weight expectations. A great singer and a lovely woman, she had a great body as well.

Unfortunately, she could not decide whether to keep it or to lose weight. She tried to lose weight and her pictures showed that she also lost her curves, her butt and her breast size also shrunk appreciably. I guess, she could not take the comments and snide remarks. It was a splendid effort to conform to media’s expectations, until she just could not take it. She took the right course and found her own weight. It’s a lovely figure she now has. It is lovely because she enjoys herself, and she has her confidence back.

Finding yourself does not need a lot of material things. Rather, it needs to focus on what’s important to the person. There are a lot of people who walk around with confidence issues and different sorts of neuroses. That is normal in our society. In one episode of Sherlock Holmes, he corrected an insult with “I’m a highly functioning sociopath, not a psychopath.” Everyone has issues, but it is how we handle these issues which make us interesting. The moment we find self-confidence and belief in ourselves, then everything will be right in the world.

4 Diseases that Can be Cured with Yoga

In the world of meditation, yoga is one of the most famous and renowned meditation practices. A gift from the eastern part of the world, yoga has multifarious benefits for a human body and brain. From different sorts of psychotherapy treatments, to the treatment of various diseases, yoga has a solution for many health problems. Yoga asanas can be practiced through online tutorial websites, or by attending certified yoga classes. To highlight some of the diseases that can be cured through yoga, here's a list of 4. 

Asthma is one of the most common breathing problems that can be seen in today's generation. The reason behind its high rate of affliction is, either hereditary or through the extensive use of inorganic and junk food found in today's lifestyle. Although inhalers do provide relief and cure of the disease, but it can be said that the relief is only temporary and not a permanent solution. Asthma patients who practice Pranayam and Anulomvulom have seen radical changes in their health conditions, leading to a permanent cure of the disease after consistent practice. 

Depression is a psychological disease, it begins with the lack of a neurotransmitter GABA which results in depression. There are medications that treat the problem, but most of these medications can become a cause of addiction too. Therefore, the natural and most effective method of treating depression is through yoga. Research has proven that yoga reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety, resulting in a significant improvement in mood levels. 

Breast Cancer
To aid in the process of recovery, yoga is a great help for breast cancer patients. Research shows that those who continue practicing yoga during and after their breast cancer treatment, face lesser complications and quicker recovery. The psychological results of yoga are beneficial for women who undergo chemotherapy, they report lesser pain in recovery and their mood levels are more pleasant and relaxed as compared to those breast cancer fighters who do not perform yoga. Although, yoga is not a cure for breast cancer, but it largely facilitates in the process of recovery from it. 

Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are a condition where due to weak venous valves and gravitational forces, large quantities of blood get collected into distal parts of the veins. The pressure that develops due to the collection of blood is painful at times, along with being unpleasant to the eyes as these veins tend to protrude and change its color to shades of black or blue. People who have a job that involves standing for long time periods usually undergo this health condition. Pregnancy and menopause are also other causes of varicose veins. The treatment for varicose veins is present in allopathy as well as in yoga. If the condition is in its early stages, with certain positions of yoga and reiki the venous valves can be strengthened ensuring a smooth flow of blood. However, if the stage is advanced, then laser treatment options should be explored such as varicose vein treatment in Miami based clinics such as www.sofferhealth.com. Or through a renowned varicose vein treatment Seattle-Tacoma specialty clinic like www.eternaaesthetic.com.

Telltale Signs That Indicate Spiritual Awakening

Letting go of the trappings of the Ego is the first step towards finding the true Self. Spiritual awakening brings about the shedding of emotional crutches and detrimental patterns of behavior, which leads towards a more actualized Self. As time goes by, more and more people report confused feelings that they are unable to acknowledge or understand. I have put together a few telltale signs that were common in most of the people I met with in my sessions, who were unknowingly undergoing the process of spiritual awakening. The state is actually not as easily ascertained as in the descriptions of the signs below, but we can assume that these are facets of the transformation that is occurring within. 

Minimalist Approach Towards Life

Material objects and materialistic objectives, superficial trappings of success, and long-held life goals seem to diminish in significance and are unable to instill a sense of satisfaction or achievement. Those who undergo an active spiritual call most of the time experience a detachment from worldly things — such as a beautiful home decorated with imported Persian carpets and priceless paintings. Rather, they find peace in humbler and more minimalist homes, where there are fewer distractions and more space to breathe. 


There is a sense of becoming liberated from psychological and cultural restraints. What seemed like barriers before now become transparent and nonexistent altogether. The self realization that the things kept pulling individuals down to the world, were actually never there, they were mere figments of the imagination. As Rumi puts it, "Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?" Career choices, commitments, duties and other factors that seemed like thick chains seem to loosen and a sense of freedom ensues. 

Not-Too-Serious Attitude Towards Life

Those who begin to get awakened spiritually come to understand that everything that they run after is temporary. The actual permanent being, the soul, is left untouched and when life starts slipping away, only then do most people realize that they never worked on their permanent state of being. Enlightened people try to resort to an unwavering sense of humor most of the time and accept the fact that the only thing that should be taken non seriously in life, is life itself. 

Overwhelming Importance Placed on Nature

There comes a thirst cannot be quenched until a person gets a few moments of solitude in the nature. There are many secrets that lie in the hidden layers and forms of nature that are waiting to unfold and communicate with mankind, and only those who become spiritually active are able to get these messages and savor the taste of this divine connection. Where many needs dissolve with time, spiritual awakening also dissolves the need to remain in company of fellow human beings at all times. In Eastern philosophy, it is in nature that eternal peace and the opening of the third eye is experienced. 

Increased Patience and Non-Reactiveness Towards Negative Situations

People compare their current mental states and emotional reactions towards situations that in the past led to negative outbursts. If they are in control, they find more subtle and calm ways to channel their energies with greater wisdom, and chances are, they are spiritually mature enough to take control in the heat of the moment.